Price Alert Call Back /Webhook Notification API

The notification that you receive at your callback URL will look like this.


$coin_name = $_POST["coin_name"];
$coin_abbreviation = $_POST["coin_abbreviation"];
$target_type = $_POST["target_type"];
$threshold_price = $_POST["threshold_price"];
$currency = $_POST["currency"];
$usd_price = $_POST["usd_price"];
$btc_price = $_POST["usd_price"];
$message = $_POST["message"];
$time = $_POST["time"];


These variables are passed in POST format.

  • coin_name – it contains the full name of the cryptocurrency.
  • coin_abbreviation – it contains the abbreviation of the cryptocurrency.
  • type – it contains the type of the alert – ‘high_price’ or ‘low_price’.
  • threshold_price – it contains the threshold amount.
  • currency – it contains the threshold currency abbreviation.
  • usd_price – it contains the contemporary USD price of the cryptocurrency.
  • btc_price – it contains the contemporary BTC price of the cryptocurrency.
  • message – it contains a written description of the alert.
  • time – it contains the timestamp at what time this callback was prepared.