PalmaBot Executor


PalmaBot Executor

Execute / Automate Alert’s Predefined Order with a Single Click.

PalmaBot Executor is an order routing tool which enables users to easily connect to their exchanges and execute trades with a single click,  fast and reliable. It runs on Telegram chatbot app on a PC or mobile device, currently supporting over 30 exchanges (and counting) and 2000+ trading pairs. Plus, it allows linking your trades with alert notification, in manual or automated mode.

The underlying PalmaBot App enables actions and strategies which were not possible until now. Find out some unusual ideas on the PalmaBot walkthrough and test it with Real-Time, Real Data Demo mode / live paper trading. The impossible becomes possible.

PalmaBot App and Executor offer you complete control over your crypto assets. Afford yourself the personal digital financial assistant, besides Telegram app installation there is no registration needed.

It’s designed by experienced traders, portfolio and fund managers with decades of experience and implemented with unique technology and structure by highly skilled developers. The PalmaBot Team is always creating something new and is also listening to the communities’ suggestions.

If you are an investor or a trader or want to become one, PalmaBot is the most appropriate place to be, click here and start to explore completely worry-free (get 1 DEMO Bitcoin) or dig in real money and have the advantage of speed, flexibility, and automation. Don’t be left behind and make use of technological advantage now!

Main characteristics of PalmaBot:

1. Webhook connectivity – analyze & set alarms on preferred analytical platforms, connect PalmaBot, and that’s it! PalmaBot executor will give you a choice of manual or automated executions of your strategies. Edit or cancel the strategies is always possible – on PC or mobile.

2. Security – PalmaBot does not store your API keys!!! Your API keys are stored on your device (smartphone for example). PalmaBot also does not know who you are. It’s a so-called zero data app. You just need to take over your phone as a personal wallet.

3. Simple UX – there are not lots of confusing buttons & commands. Everything that you need and when you need it, it’s there. No matter on which exchange you trade, you will always have the same workflow. Simply read and follow the instructions.

4. Mobility – always at your hand, always with you. The personal setting of the notification and execution on the go is available for your peace of mind. You need a smartphone, internet signal, and determination to succeed.

5. Astonishing speed – real-time data! You will be able to get the information about the price changes faster than the majority of the crypto market participants.

6. Semi-automated – personalized signals will notify you of every change on the market. PalmaBot is on the watch for you so you don’t need to be. Different types of orders and executions are available while you are “sleeping”.

7. Coverage – 28 exchanges and counting, 15 markets, over 3000 trading pairs. Trade, compare the prices between the exchanges, transfer of coins, find and execute the arbitrage opportunities, … All functions are available even if exchanges do not natively support it.

8. DEMO mode – 1 DEMO Bitcoin awaits you for real-time paper trading (no APIs needed). Learn how to use PalmaBot, test your trading ideas and strategies, research the crypto market, compare with others, … in real-time, and with real data. No risk, no charges. When you are ready to trade with the real money, just switch the demo mode off. UX is the same.

9. Transfer – easy transfer for your assets between exchanges.

10. Multi-exchange environment –  now you can benefit from trading on multiple exchanges, hunt the price differences, arbitrages, create whole new strategies based on that fact – IN REAL TIME! But most importantly, you can execute it easily and on the spot. Creativity always pays off.

11. Functionality – no matter if exchanges support different types of orders like Stop Loss, Trail Stop Loss or Take Profit, Trail Buy, etc., PalmaBot enables it for you.

12. Multi order – just set up as many strategies as you want with the same portion of the money, PalmaBot will execute the first one which meets the criteria.

13. Lower trading fees – executing trades with the PalmaBot, you will always pay the Maker Fee on the exchanges. Even when you execute Instant Buy/Sell. Now it’s your job to calculate how much you can save by using PalmaBot.

14. Control – with PalmaBot Trading Dashboard you get an efficient overview of your past trades, set the orders directly from the Dashboard, search the relevant news, cancel and edit orders, export data for the accounting, …

15. Support – don’t know how to start? Stuck somewhere between? Want to speak to your fellow traders? Just wanna have a little bit of trading fun? A friendly PalmaBot Community is willing to help you. Community members, PalmaBot team, and even co-founders can be met there.


The Execution functionality on CoinMarketAlert (CMA) is a routing service to PalmaBot Executor. CMA does not take any responsibility concerning the transmission of data or the related trade executions on 3rd party platforms. CMA is not a counterpart in these transactions nor a broker. Trading cryptocurrency is at your own risk. Choice of trading counterpart is at your responsibility and your risk.

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